Aikido Dai Viet

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Aikido Dai Etsu Dojo offering Aikido classes in NW and NE Calgary, Alberta.


Chief Instructor:
• Dzung Nguyen, 4th Dan, CAF Shidoin

Children Class Instructors:
• Bennie Nguyen, 2nd Kyu

• Nana Syvenky, 2nd Kyu
• Cory Syvenky, 2nd Kyu

We joined the Aikido Dai Etsu dojo as observing parents in 2011 when our daughter began her training. Seeing the discipline and confidence gained through the classes, along with the health benefits, we started training at the dojo under Dzung Nguyen Sensei’s direction in 2013. We are honored to be involved in the children’s program since 2014.

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