ADE Aikido Classes

Introductory Children’s Aikido
This class provides an introduction to Aikido, a traditional Japanese martial art for 6 yrs. old to 15 yrs. old children without Aikido experiences. Students learn about the philosophy of Aikido, along with the basic movements of Aikido and skills to fall safely. Drills in the class help to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and mental focus. Students work towards the Yellow belt level in this course.

Continuing Aikido for Children
These classes provide instruction about Aikido, a traditional Japanese martial art, and its philosophy. With an emphasis on fun, respect, relaxation and self-confidence students learn to redirect an opponent’s power to resolve conflicts without injury. There are two classes for Continuing Aikido: Children Class for 6 yrs. old to 9 yrs. old, Youth Class for 10 yrs. old to 15 yrs. old.

Adult Aikido
Focus your energy in a positive way. Learn to control and redirect the power of an attack, applying suitable throws and pinning techniques. Class focuses on Aikido skill development and technique along with physical and mental fitness.